Almost every night, before the sun sets, I walk around the yard.  It's a few minutes I have alone before the day completely comes to an end and a time to reflect on it.  There's always something blooming or fading away and I hate to miss it.
We have old trees that bend and twist into each other, making walls of different shades of green. Many of them now, being early spring, have tiny buds waiting to open. Branches grow up and around like a million arms entangling each other, reaching to the sky. That's what makes the light so special in the evening.

All of this had been abandoned and neglected for years, the house was unfit to live in and the yard was a tangled mess.  As I cut branches back and dig into the earth, I find secrets and stories and visions of old lives. The more I treat it kindly, the more beauty I see, especially in the evenings when everything's washed in the perfect shade of cool blue with streaks of gold.


Four years ago we left our home, hometown and children behind and moved across the country to a little southern town, one that a lot of people told us to stay away from.  We brought few things with us, lived in a charming cabin on a lake while we renovated the big old house we bought and started to fit in with the people, a culture and history that are vastly different than what we grew up with in the midwest.

We have made friends, exceptional ones.  Discovered lots of beautiful breathtaking places. We spend time now with family that were too far for far too long.  We have reached out and done things we never would have felt comfortable enough to do living in a big city. Our personalities, prejudices, attitudes, passions and aspirations have changed. We have become more certain of things . . . like, we will always live somewhere surrounded by trees and forests, and that our nights will always be pitch black except for the stars. That we will never take for granted the sounds of the …


Hanging low and wet, the fog lingers, making the yard glisten. The sky is gray with streaks of pale pink and just a hint of yellow, bathing everything in a soft hazy light.  I can barely make out the shape of the barn between the dark and bare branches of the Pecan trees.  They lost their leaves months ago, but the other trees are still full with green and red leaves, berries and wild winter flowers.  Their colors have faded some, but such a pleasure to see when the chill makes us long for spring.  Leaves that weren't raked in the fall are scattered around the gardens, keeping the ground warm underneath.  The squirrels run through them, tossing them even more.  The birds wait for the sun to peak over the treetops and warm the chilled air. 
When the hazy light fades, I kneel in my garden, planting rose bushes and tulip bulbs for spring.  The dirt is soft and damp in my hands. The southern winter is a gentle one, quiet and unassuming.

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Time is always a looming thought with me....more so, where did it go?  It's true that the older you get, the faster it flies by with a blink.  I can barely grasp the passing of my last 15 years, mostly because in those years I have shifted up in a generation.  As have my boys, which sometimes when I dwell too much on it, stops me in a panic.

I want to impress upon them that they need to slow down now and be thoughtful in their choices, to cherish and imprint in their minds the sunsets and the good laughs with their friends, to not take a day with their family for granted, read as much as they can, see as much as they can, talk to as many different people as they can .... that one day they will be me, wondering where those days went. It's a choice they have, to see the glory and the beauty in a single moment and simple pleasures.  It's the choice I hope they choose every day.  I try to, even more so now.

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We moved to Georgia four years ago, and if I'm being honest here, I can say that sometimes I get homesick.  I miss family that we left behind and the places and friends that were my life for all of my life, I miss the familiarity of home, and ... I really miss the seasons changing.  This comes and goes in waves and usually disappears altogether when I'm working in the yard or driving down country roads. There's so many wonderful things, too many to count really, about living in a small town in the country. The huge old trees make me never want to leave. The camellia bushes that bloom all year make me happy. Our little piece of property is full of birds and squirrels and rabbits that run and play and keep us and our cats amused.  It really has changed us living here, but I do miss where we came from.
I miss winter. 

I was laying in bed yesterday morning, half awake, and I heard my husband go to the window and pull open the curtains.  He whispered, "it's snowing..…


Often, when I awake in the morning, it's already noisy outside.  The owl has gone to sleep, but the yard birds perch on an old Pecan tree outside my window and start their singing.  The Carolina Wren is the loudest and cheeriest of them, sounding something like, "jimmy, jimmy, jimmy." Sometimes their song stays with me for the rest of the day.  
Downstairs, coffee is brewing, fires are warming up the rooms, the cats are waiting impatiently to be let out and the winter morning sun is streaming through the windows, casting a glow across the tables. This is my favorite part of the day, when everything, like myself, wakes up to a newness with a little frosty sparkle.

I don't usually squeeze fresh juice, but we had a bag of ugly oranges, and on this particular morning, it just felt natural to do so. There's something comforting about standing in your kitchen squeezing fresh juice, bathed in warm light.  It brought me joy so I just may do it again, and again.

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It's Christmas today. A bright beautiful day it is, perfectly cold and frosty too. I was up early and watched the sunrise come over the trees from the window in my bedroom.  But then I closed my eyes to listen to the birds and think about Christmas's past and fell back to sleep for hours.  It's the first Christmas that I've slept so late. I've been thinking how different it all is when family moves away and children grow up....and all the things you used to that don't need to be done anymore.

We chose for this holiday season to be different, at least some parts of it.  We've stayed at home, skipped some parties, didn't worry excessively about gifts and cards or decorating ... we kept ourselves away from the craziness that sometimes comes when you to try too hard to make Christmas just right.  That doesn't really fit in our lives anymore.

So, it's just us today and so far it's been's all that we told ourselves it would be…


Hello. Here I am, again, writing a blog post, thinking of all the things I want to share. It's been awhile, but it seems right to start again, fresh. I hope to create a special space here, one to calm the noise of a sometimes loud and chaotic world, a place to celebrate simple pleasures and quiet moments of everyday life and rituals. I'd like to share with you my thoughts about living simply in a small country town, striving to live a beautiful life, stories of home and how some raw moments have led to new adventures and new opportunities for us .... mostly, how life changes from day to day here. It's a space to share lovely pieces of life and how we're defining it for us. I welcome you, my old and new friends.